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Qingdao University of Technology


International Training Workshop on Laser Intelligent

Manufacturing Technology and Equipment


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Qingdao University of Technology, School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering




1. Qingdao International Cooperation Base of Laser Precision Micro/Nano Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

2. Shandong Research Center of Laser Green Efficient Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

Shandong Collaborative Innovation Center of Laser Green Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

中国 青岛 Qingdao China







International Training workshop on Intelligent Laser Manufacturing Technology and Equipmentis an annual technical training program established for developing countries approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China(PRC) in 2020. The program is undertaken by the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Qingdao University of Technology, is scheduled to start in September 2021.

Founded in December 1952, Qingdao University of Technology is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province. It is a comprehensive university that focuses on Engineering, develops coordinately with other disciplines such as Science, Economics, Management, Literature and Law and Art, and also key constructed by Shandong Province as a famous university featuring application-based talents training. There is Shandong Provincial Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and Shandong Provincial Mechanical Engineering Training Center in the school of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, forming a complete bachelor - master - doctor - postdoctoral and other complete multi-level personnel training system. The existing “Marine environment concrete technology” innovation and talent introduction base (National “111 plan”), International Cooperation Base of Laser Precision Micro-Nano Manufacturing Technology and Equipment are within the faculty. Currently, the university has one academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, three academicians of the Chinese academy of engineering and one academician of the Russian federation. In our faculty, there are also three high-end talents chosen from the nationalThousand Talents Program, four talents from theHundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project, three winners of the Education Ministry’s New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan, 23 experts who enjoy special government allowances, one leading talent of Taishan scholar advanced characteristic discipline, 11 distinguished professors from the Taishan Scholar.and six chief experts of Shandong Province's institutions of higher learning.

In addition, the person who is in charge of the training course, professor ShuFeng Sun, was awarded as the special expert of Taishan scholars in Shandong Province in November 2015 and won the title of innovative leading talent of in the area of Qingdao and west coast new district in 2016. In the field of green efficient and intelligent laser manufacturing, Professor Sun is the director of Shandong Research Center of Laser Green Efficient Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, the director of one of the "13th five-year" key laboratory of universities, and the director of Shandong Collaborative Innovation Center of Laser Green Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Equipment. Professor Sun is a member of the group and intelligent integration technology branch of the Chinese society of mechanical engineering, the member of the advanced manufacturing specialty of the high-level talent development promotion association of Shandong Province.

In recent years, focusing on the The Belt And Road national development strategy, Qingdao University of Technology has made due contributions to the revitalization of Chinese scientific and technological development by making full use of Qingdao's geographical advantages combined with the university's advanced technological achievements in machinery manufacturing.

Qingdao is an international port city and is also famous as a tourism and vacationing seaside city. It is located in the southeast of Shandong peninsula (from 119°30to 121°00east longitude, from 35°35to 37°09north latitude), covering a total area of 11,282 square kilometers with about 9.3 million people. It is in the north temperate monsoon zone and has a mild climate with four distinct seasons. Average temperature is 20~27 in September.




Holding this international training workshop, aims to promote the communication and cooperation of laser technology and applications between developing countries and China, promote the independent research and application of these countries in the field of laser technology, moreover, share the Chinese successful experience of innovation in laser technology and application to developing countries, and simultaneously promote the modernization, industrialization and internationalization of Chinese scientific and technological achievements.



The training is flexible including classroom teaching special lecture, group communication, site inspection, visiting internship, etc. Affected by the COVID-19, if people who take part in the workshop cannot come to China, the training ways will be carried out with internet video. Excellent experts, researchers and technical personnel of enterprises in relevant filed at home and abroad are invited in this training program. The main contents of the course are listed as follows.

(1) Laser processing principle

(2) Research status of laser processing technology in China

(3) The application and development frontier of laser technology in related fields

(4) Optics and optical effects in laser engineering

(5) The application of holography technology in femtosecond laser processing

(6) 3D intelligent manufacturing technology

(7) Advanced mechanical condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology

(8) The important role of laser technology in the conversion of old and new kinetic energy

At the same time, the course also includes on-site visits to relevant enterprises, research institutes and laboratories in Qingdao and surrounding areas.





From September 6 to September 25 , 2021(20 days)


Mode of training


Training in Qingdao, China or through internet video




20 people




Trainees are required to have the basic theoretical   knowledge of Laser technology, Mechanical design and manufacturing, Optical   engineering, Electronic technology, Material science and engineering or other   related fields, as well as technical personnel, scientific research   personnel, management personnel or government officials from universities or   related enterprises. The main target is the developing countries, especially   the developing countries along the "the Belt and Road",   furthermore, 1 to 4 people from each country will be selected.






1. 培训学员应来自发展中国家,由有关政府部门或当地合法的非政府组织推荐;

2. 年龄在45岁以下(少数可例外),具备大学本科及以上学历或同等学历;

3. 身体健康、无传染病;

4. 具备英语听、说、读、写能力;

5. 熟悉本国机械制造、激光加工等相关方向的发展现状并提供一份有关激光智能制造技术发展现状的报告(同一国家若有多人报名,则指定一名学员完成);

6. 不得为外国在华工作、留学人员,不得携带家属陪同;

7. 在华培训期间,遵守中华人民共和国的有关法律、法规,尊重中国的风俗习惯;

8. 参加培训人员须在培训结束后按时回国;

9. 学员在通过E-mailsunshufeng@qut.edu.cn)联系培训承办单位联系人并提交有关个人信息后,通过科技部发展中国家技术培训班招生系统登记个人信息。(所有参加本次培训班的学员均应在科技部发展中国家技术培训班招生系统自行登录注册。)培训申请表截止日期为2021710;



(1) Trainees should be from developing countries and recommended by the relevant government departments or local legal non-governmental organizations;

(2) No more than 45 years old (with a few exceptions), bachelor degree or above (or equivalent);

(3) Be in good health, both physically and mentally, to undergo the training;

(4) Good ability for listening, saying, reading and writing English;

(5) Trainees should be familiar with the current development of domestic machinery manufacturing, laser processing and other related directions. In order to share the information and experience, each trainee needs to prepare a report about the current status and development of intelligent laser manufacturing technology of the trainee’s country; If there are more than one applicant in the same country, one trainee should be appointed to complete the registration. Personnel who work or study in China will not be accepted by the workshop, the trainee is not allowed to bring their family;

(6) Personnel who work or study in China will not be accepted by the workshop. And no family members are allowed to follow.

(7) The trainees are required to abide the laws of the People’s Republic of China, and respect the manners and customs of Chinese people during their stay in China;

(8) The trainees need to return to their countries after completing the training;

(9) After contacting with the contact person of the training course and submitting personal information by E-mail (sunshufeng@qut.edu.cn), trainees are required to register personal information through the enrollment system of technical training courses for developing countries of the Ministry of Science and Technology. (All trainees in this training course should log in to self-register in the enrollment system of technical training courses for developing countries of the Ministry of Science and Technology.) The deadline for training applications is July 10, 2021.

The enrollment system website of the technical training courses for developing countries by the Ministry of Science and Technology is:



1. 培训班承办方负担学员在华培训期间的培训、住宿、伙食和在培训地当地交通等费用;

2. 学员从本国到培训地的往返国际旅费及中转费,在培训期间的国内、国际长途电话费、行李超重费和国内工资等由本人承担。

(1) Unit organizer is responsible for the training, accommodation, meals, local transportation and other expenses during the training period in China.

(2) The international round-trip costs between the trainee’s country and the training base and transfer fees should be borne by the trainees themselves. During the training period, the trainees themselves shall be responsible for the domestic and international long-distance telephone charges, baggage overweight fees and domestic wages, etc.


1. 报名学员需在2021710日之前将如下报名材料发送至sunshufeng@qut.edu.cn;①申请人应填写申请表(见附件)并签名;②个人简介;③《单位推荐函》,推荐函必须有单位正式盖章推荐,任何个人推荐均视为无效;④个人有效《健康证明》;⑤护照扫描件(如果不是第一次来中国,请同时将以前来中国的签证及出入境记录页扫描);⑥所在单位的营业执照扫描件;⑦工作证件或者能证明是该单位职员的材料。

2. 足球外围投注app对学员提交的报名材料进行审核后,将申请递交中国科学技术交流中心审核,并向被录取的学员发送《录取通知书》、《邀请函》和初步行程时间表,学员凭《录取通知书》和《邀请函》办理来华手续,并携带《录取通知书》和《健康证明书》等有关材料按时到培训单位报到。

3. 录取学员需在2021810日前将国家激光智能制造技术发展现状报告的电子版发送至sunshufeng@qut.edu.cn

(1) The applicants should complete online application and send the following materials to sunshufeng@qut.edu.cn before July 10, 2021. Application Form, applicants should fill in the attached application form and sign their names; Curriculum Vitae; Unit Recommendation Letterthe letter must be officially signed and stamped by the unit, any personal recommendation is considered to be invalid; Valid Health Certificate; Scanned Copy of Passport, and if you have been to China before, please provide scan copy of the visa and entry-exit records page that you came to China; Scanned Copy of Your Unit's Business License; Certification that prove you are staff of your unit.

(2) After being approved, Admission Letter, Invitation Letter and a preliminary itinerary schedule will be issued to the accepted applicants by related government department. The trainees should go through the formalities for coming to China in advance and report to the training unit on time with relevant materials.

(3) The accepted applicant needs to send the report about the current status and development of laser intelligent manufacturing technology of their country to sunshufeng@qut.edu.cn before August 10, 2021.

结业证书/Certificate of Completion


After completing the training, the trainees will be awarded the Certificate of Completion from the Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC.



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